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Silicone 100%. Odorless. Waterproof. Non-porous. Phthalates free. Sizes: 3.8cm / 1.5". X 16cm / 6.3".
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We can't say enough about this product...we love it. The SplitDILDO makes you feel "full" your vagina - it's perfect for combination orgasms. www.DodsonAndRoss.com
Here it is, my new love.  A Silicone Dildo – Split to Perfection. Very playful toy, I must say.  I really love my SplitDILDO! www.PrettyPowerTools.com
It cares for two pleasure spots, can be 'restrained' into a more regular shaped dildo and its also useful for intensifying kegel exercises. www.screaming-violet.com
As you work the SplitDILDO inside, the splits start to flower open and create the perfect amount of tension. I find the amount of pressure it exerts is absolutely perfect! www.PleasurePiratess.com
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